Ronan Donaghy

I am a Senior Consultant at XPS Pensions with over a decade’s experience of helping trustees and sponsors navigate the ever-increasing complexities of the pension landscape.


I’m fortunate enough to have received compliments from trustees and sponsors on my ability to provide straightforward advice by breaking down complex problems and identifying key issues.  I love the challenge and variety of my work, such as recently advising on the simplification of a complex benefit structure and helping trustees for a scheme with a distressed sponsor.


I have a passion for designing software to help trustees and sponsors gain better insights into their schemes and help decision making.  I lead the development of Radar; XPS’s funding, risk and journey planning software.


Outside of work, I love everything sport related.  I’ve spent too much of the last few years watching sport instead of playing it, so am currently training for the London marathon.

Tel. 01732 359488  I