Christie McKenna

A wee bit about me, I’m 26 and from a town called Bathgate in Scotland which is in between Glasgow and Edinburgh, but more famously known for being the home of one of the greatest performers this land has ever seen, Susan Boyle. I graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2016 with a degree in maths and physics and then started with Isio (then KPMG’s pensions team) in the same year. I started in the Glasgow office for a year and then made the switch to the big city (i.e. the London office) in 2017 and have worked there ever since. I’ve recently just fully qualified as an actuary as of December 2020 and am still buzzing at the fact I never have to do exams ever again.

Some personal things, I’m a big football fan and support Celtic and Scotland of course. In fact, I was recently in a trustee meeting the day after Scotland qualified for the Euros (the first time since 1998) and pretty much had to remain mute the whole time because I’d lost my voice from screaming at the telly the night before! I love cooking and am partial to the odd spin class now and again. Although during lockdown, I’ve tried my hand a bit more at this running malarkey much to the despair of my knees.

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