Jemma Arfield

When I received the call to say I’d been nominated for the investment actuary of the year award, to be honest my first thought was “have they made a mistake and called the wrong person?”! Firstly, at Barnett Waddingham I work alongside many brilliant and accomplished investment actuaries that would be more than worthy of this accolade instead.  Secondly, the ever evolving nature of the investment landscape and real world challenges that our clients are facing, means that you always feel like you have more to learn and experience to gain.  However, it is this very landscape that makes my career so fulfilling – it certainly never gets boring!


Another key driving force that makes my field rewarding is the people I work alongside.  Every different trustee board brings a varied set of experience, personalities and dynamic. This is extremely important in providing a range of viewpoints to ensure robust discussion and decision making.  I truly enjoy getting to know each client and working with them in partnership to build a strategy that meets their specific objectives, investment beliefs and circumstances. 


When I am not at work, most of my time is spent running around trying to keep up with my adventurous (and occasionally mischievous) three year old son.  He has also already managed to make unexpected cameo appearances in a few of my internal work calls.


The year 2020 has brought incredible challenges and uncertainty for everyone and unfortunately, to date, Santa has yet to fulfil my wish of a crystal ball! However, the support and banter within the Barnett Waddingham investment team, as well as the strength of the research board, make me feel well equipped to face whatever 2021 and beyond has installed for the global economy and investment markets.

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