Sarah Robins

Oliver James

I have worked for Oliver James for over nine years, dedicated to placing Actuaries, Data Scientists and Pricing candidates into the UK General Insurance retail market.

Without a doubt, working with people is what drives me and is easily the best part of my position as Principle Consultant at OJ. With a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Forensic Psychology I have a natural interest in what drives people and I take particular pride supporting people through milestones in their professional development and the big decisions needed when it comes to facilitating positive changes in their career. The strong working relationships I have developed across UK General Insurance means that I am given the opportunity to work with the same people throughout their career, supporting their growth over several years.


Away from work my 8 month old and 4 year old keep me on my toes! I also love the outdoors, especially since moving to the countryside 3 years ago.

Tel. 01732 359488  I