Greer Flanagan

A little over a year ago my daughter (then aged 3) asked what I do at work. How could I explain what a DC pensions actuary does to a young child? I told her:


“When people are older they stop working. But they need to have enough money to buy food and clothes and maybe even go on holidays. My job is to help make sure they have enough money to do those things.”


She was happy enough with the answer and resumed eating her lunch. But the act of simplifying my job to it’s very basic definition had a huge impact on me. I realised just how important my day job was and the impact it has on a very large number of people. And so my passion for driving better member outcomes in retirement was born. Don’t get me wrong, it had always been there. But there was a renewed sense of passion and drive in helping pension scheme members retire when they want to, and with enough money to do so.


I have spent the last year shouting about better member outcomes. From a session at the Professional Pensions DC conference to blogs, numerous LinkedIn posts and roundtables with Corporate Advisor. And I don’t stop at pensions – wider financial wellbeing and diversity and inclusion are two of my other passions. So you may be unsurprised to hear that I lead on DC Engagement and Communications at Hymans Robertson – yes I think about the numbers (what actuary doesn’t?) but more importantly, I find ways of communicating them as effectively as possible to drive better retirement outcomes. I was delighted with this feedback from the DC conference:


“I’m a trustee and I learnt more about DC pension members (and anticipating and managing their expectations) in your session than in any of the others. You spoke very clearly in a plain language which was easily understood – you didn’t hide behind swathes of jargon. And I appreciated that”


I genuinely believe I can make a difference and I’m on a mission to ensure happy retirements for as many people as possible.

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