Michael Ingram

I’m an Associate Director within Deloitte’s pensions advisory team with over 13 years’ experience in the pensions industry.  In recent years, I’ve advised on projects that cross all aspects of the DB pensions world including M&As, restructuring, pensions strategy, scheme funding, de-risking consolidation, scheme administration and the day-to-day running of pension schemes.


I’m known for embracing all sorts of opportunities and challenges, which has resulted in me accidently leaving the country, climbing through a bank vault in the early hours of the morning, and agreeing to lead Deloitte’s GMP Equalisation team.


I’ve also worked with colleagues across Deloitte on a variety of non-pension related projects including: advising on the bulk calculations of furlough payments, designing a major multinational’s org structure, and helping to move $50bn of derivatives to the UK. 


My career highlights include working with some truly fantastic teams, clients and other advisers and seeing not only great outcomes but also having great fun together and seeing people’s careers thrive and develop.


Outside of work, I used to love travelling and exploring the world. Instead, I’m now spending much more time at home and discovering how difficult it is to teach a 6-month-old puppy that it’s not okay to bark and chew the sofa whilst I’m on a Zoom call.

Tel. 01732 359488  I  info@actuarialpost.co.uk