Anna Graham

I joined AIG Life in 2015 as a newly qualified actuary running the (then small) pricing team. Since then the business has tripled in size and is now in the top 3 protection providers in the country. The highlight of my career would be my promotion to Chief Pricing Actuary in April, leading teams across three distribution lines.


s an actuary I’ve always enjoyed working for a direct insurer as you get to be closer to the customer, and in particular working in pricing and product development it’s fulfilling to see the something you’ve contributed to out there in the market. I love the combination of technical and commercial work in my role, as well as the opportunity to work alongside so many inspiring people in every area of the business.


Outside of work I’m a keen equestrian, devoting my spare time (and cash) to training and competing an event horse. I also love music and have a love-hate relationship with running!

Tel. 01732 359488  I