Daniel Shaw

In 2013, I began my actuarial career with Buck as part of the retirement team, but eventually found my calling in investment consulting and moved teams in early 2015. Since then, I’ve been engrossed by investment markets and the challenge of providing practical advice to help DB and DC pension trustees achieve their objectives.

My proudest achievements have been facilitating strategic changes for my clients. Through clear communication, I’ve helped a number of long-time LDI sceptics to adopt meaningful allocations, which has helped materially offset losses as yields have fallen and provided a more stable platform and greater certainty for trustees and sponsors to make strategic decisions. Since relocating in 2017, I’ve also helped grow a new investment team in our Manchester office. I consider myself lucky in that I genuinely really enjoy my job, which I think is down to the engagement I have with my colleagues and clients who continuously challenge my views.

When I’m not thinking about investment strategies, you will often find me plodding around the centre circle of Sunday morning football pitches or sitting back and watching professionals play more capably.

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