TJ Dhutia

So who am I? 


As well as not being the type of person to usually appear on this sort of list, I’m also a pensions actuary! More specifically, I’m a manager at KPMG, doing a mix of Trustee and Corporate work, having spent the first six years of my career at Barnett Waddingham.


I became an actuary because I couldn’t find a profession that combined my love of shoes, gin and numbers!  I’ve always been good at maths, I enjoy talking to people and I (foolishly) liked being the smartest person in the room. Unfortunately, teaching maths was out of the question as I couldn’t face spending my life dealing with loud children.  It also soon became clear I’d never be the smartest person in the room again once I joined a firm of actuaries... Although, to everyone’s surprise (including my own) I did just win the SIAS highest exam marks competition for SA4, so that’s helped!


Despite numbers initially being the reason for me becoming an actuary, I’ve really enjoyed the communication side of my work. My favourite moment of actuarial life to date (apart from finally qualifying this year!) was explaining pensions to a roomful of displeased pension scheme members. It was incredibly rewarding helping them understand their own retirement benefits.  It was also flabbergasting having these complete strangers actually thank me after I had just delivered quite an unpalatable message to them about their future pensions.


When I’m not in the office I am off traveling to far flung destinations - seeing the midnight sun in the Arctic Circle was a highlight this year, and I’m currently trying to decide how much travelling I can fit in on my honeymoon next year (shocker, I’m marrying another actuary).  You’ll also find me wandering around the Fashion & Textile Museum, watching England fail miserably at cricket, or (more frequently) at a gin festival, resisting the urge to expand my ever growing gin collection…

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